Nov 13, 2008

The Coffin~

Rabu, 12 Nov 2008- Kami gi la GSC, tringin la nak tgk Madagascar , asyik dok cakap "i Like to Move It'...tapi , malangnya kami berdua melihat kan masa tayangan tgh malam, so terpaksa la membatalkan niat murni kami, tu yg memaksa kan diri tgk citer Th Coffin, erhm... sebab tak dpt tgk citer Madagascar, kami dinner la Move It Meal, hahaa..jadilah...ade gak Ke"Madagascar" nyeww..huhuuu...


Many Thai people believe that lying down in a coffin is a part of the death-before-dying ritual to prolong one’s life by playing dead. Chris (Ananda Everingham), an architect who is extremely claustrophobic but with hope to lengthen his girlfriend’s (Aki Shibuya)life, Chris decides to overcome his fear by being in the coffin. Zoe (Karen Mok), a nutritionist, takes care of her health religiously. However, only 2 weeks before marrying her fiancé (Andrew Lin), Zoe finds out that she’s in the final stage of lung cancer. Zoe then runs away to Thailand and discovers the coffin ceremony and decides to participate in order to save her own life. Chris and Zoe are confronted by a series of paranormal and terrifying incidents. Both might have to sacrifice their lives to unfold the truth.

Ekachai Uekrongtham

Karen Mok, Karen Mok (Sue), Ananda Everingham (Chris), Ananda Everingham, Andrew Lin


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